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Welcome to Surabaya!

Not only known as a city of Heroes, Surabaya is also the city of blended various cultures, culinary heaven, and a step ahead in development of business and technology. However, Surabayacan not be separated from history  as the town of Indonesia’s independence struggle. Surabaya name itself was initially started in the era of Majapahit. According to local myth, there was a great battle between the Sura (shark) with Baya (crocodile) to gain recognition as the strongest animal, as it had been foretold by Jayabaya.

Place in Surabaya and surrounding areas

You can visit the various tourist attractions in Surabaya. Here are some sites of our selection:

1. Tugu Pahlawan

This is a monument to remember Arek-Arek Suroboyo’s couragous battle against Allied troops. The 41.15 meter high monument with inverted nail shape, 10 arches and 11 sections; implies the date of the Heroes Day, 10 November 1945. At the Tugu Pahlawan, you will find the Museum 10 November which reveals a lot of stories about the meaning of Tugu Pahlawan and the historical evidence on the Independence struggle era.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 12 km (17 minutes by taxi)

2. Jembatan Merah (Red Bridge)

Jembatan Merah  is a historical witness of 10 November 1945 heroic battle in Surabaya. The history noted the Brigjend Mallaby’s death in clashes between fighters Indonesia with Dutch soldiers near this area; the bloodshed resembles its name “Red”. This placeis used to be a trading area to the Europeans in the western part, while the eastern part is a residential area for the Chinese, Arabic, and Malay. Jembatan Merah and its surrounding is currently the most solid trading center in Surabaya.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 17 km (20 minutes by taxi)

3. Monumen Kapal Selam (Submarine Monument)

Submarine Monument is located in downtown Surabaya, precisely next to Surabaya Plaza. Submarine Monument is the original form of KRI Pasopati 410, one submarine Armed Forces - Navy Submarine Fleet of unit RI East Region. KRI Pasopati is a SS type Whisky Class Vladi made in Russia in 1952, played an active role in upholding the rule of law in the country and the sea, among others, in the Trikora operation.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 10 km (16 minutes by taxi)

4. Suroboyo Carnival Night Market 

Suroboyo Carnival Night Market carries the basic concept embodies Surabaya city as fun, attractive, yet educative tourist destinations. Discover the variety of games are fun as well as educational, equipped with fun rides and vehicles, souvenir shops and food court.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 5 km (8 minutes by taxi)


5. House of Sampoerna

House of Sampoerna is located in the "old Surabaya". It is a Dutch colonial-style building complex was built in 1862 and is a historic site preserved. Before, the building was used as an orphanage run by the son of the Dutch government and in the 1932 the complex was purchased by Seeng Tee, founder of Sampoerna, to be used as the first Sampoerna cigarette factory. Until now, this complex still serves as a factory for the manufacture of cigarettes. A well-appointed museum and opened to the public; a very interesting site to visit.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 15 km (20 minutes by taxi)


6. Ciputra Waterpark Surabaya

Ciputra Waterpark is the largest water tourism vehicle in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The location is located in West Surabaya, precisely in the area of ??Citra Raya. You can find a variety of water rides and large pools. One of the tourist attractions in Surabaya is always crowded with tourists visit, and also has become a popular choice of children travel in Surabaya. Prepare swimsuit!

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 20 km (30 minutes by taxi)

7. The Great Mosque of Al-Akbar Surabaya

Masjid Al-Akbar is a magnificent mosque and modern, the second largest mosque after the Istiqlal Mosque in Jakarta. This mosque is a religious icon of the city of Surabaya. The exterior of the mosque is decorated with various shades of carving and calligraphy. The entrance of the mosque consists of 45 main doors, all made of carved teak wood. The interior is decorated by ornamental carvings and calligraphy, very dominant adorn the walls of the mosque.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 12 km (20 minutes by taxi)

8. Four Face Buddha statue

This is the highest statue in Indonesia, which has been noted MURI. You can find the Four Face Buddha statue in one corner Kenjeran Ria Beach, a beach in the city of Surabaya is famous for fishery products as well as a hang out place for Surabaya youth. Buddha statue and throne each has a height of 9 meters. This sculpture has similarities with the existing statue of Buddha in the sights of Bangkok, which is made up of the face of peace and health, good relationships face, facial luck, and face protection against crime.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 16 km (23 minutes by taxi)

9. Wedoro Shoes Center

Wedoro is famous for its shoe industry. Many people come to this place and become loyal customers for the products of footwear. You will find more than 210 stores in the central region Wedoro shoes. Located in District Waru - Sidoarjo, Surabaya border area, Wedoro village has now transformed into a craft industry center slippers and shoes.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 8 km (11 minutes by taxi)

10. Suramadu

Longest bridge across the Madura Strait, connecting the island of Java (Surabaya) with Madura Island (in Bangkalan). It is the longest bridge in Indonesia to date, with a length of 5438 meters. The
bridge was built in 2003 and opened in June 2009. Construction of the bridge is intended to accelerate the development of infrastructure and economic development in Madura, with an estimated cost of 4.5 trillion. Don’t forget to spend some time at Bangkalan to taste the Maduranese culinary.

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 20 km (27 minutes by taxi)

11. Tourism Mangrove Forests

This tourist attractions is slightly different, namely mangrove forests as green land in the eastern city of Surabaya. Travelers can walk down the river and see the beauty of the landscape in this area; calm water, birds flying, and rivers for fishing. Enjoy the thrill of adventure through the river to the sea by using motor boats and also its peaceful atmospehere. 

Distance from d'Season Hotel: 8 km (14 minutes by taxi)

12. Public parks in Surabaya

Surabaya is also known as the prettiest town because of the many public parks: Parks Bungkul in Raya Darmo, Mundu Park in Tambaksari, Flora Park, City Hall Park, Mpu Tantular Garden, Apsari Park, Monument Park, Park Jayengreno in Jembatan Merah area , Taman Pelangi, and Skateboard and BMX Park in Kali Ketabang region.

Want more?

There are many other interesting tourist attractions in Surabaya and surrounding: Mount Bromo and Sempu Island in Malang, crater in Banyuwangi, Gua Gong in Pacitan, Pekalen Rafting in Probolinggo, East Java Park, Museum of Transport in Batu, and dozens of other tourism sites.

Culinary Tourism in Surabaya

The charm of the tourist attractions in Surabaya also be found in a variety of culinary snacks and meals. You can find tempting food in the city. Some of the Surabaya culinary foods, for example gado-gado, pecel, nasi bebek (duck rice), sate ayam, lontong balap, rawon, and many more! Prefer more modern dish? Go to the western part of the city which offers various range of delicacies, shots of coffee, and remarkable hang out experience. 

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